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Compliance Requirements

1. Users need to register to use our online money transfer service and provide us with:

  • a. Full names
  • b. Gender
  • c. Date of birth
  • d. Residential address
  • e. Phone contact
  • f. Email address

2. Identification and Proof of Address Required

  • a. For any single transfer of 700+ £ or 700 €
  • b. Once cumulative transaction total reaches 700 £ or 700 €
  • c. On 5th transaction in the system regardless of amount
  • d. We could request for ID and Proof of address regardless of the above

3. When Source of Funds Required

  • a.For any single transfer of 5,000+ £ or 5,000 €
  • b. Once cumulative transfer total reaches 5,000+ £ or 5,000 €
  • c. Once cumulative transfer total reaches 10,000 £ or 10,000 € in any single year
  • d. We could request for source of funds regardless of the above

4. Acceptable Identifications:

  • a. Valid passport
  • b. Valid UK full photo card driving license
  • c. Valid UK provisional photo card driving license
  • d. Valid UK Home Office Issued photo Identity
  • e. Valid European Economic Area/European Union photo card license
  • f. Valid European Union/European Economic Area photo Identity Cards
  • g. Valid Switzerland National Identification Cards
  • i. IDs must be in date
  • ii. Clear and legible
  • iii. Photo page to be attached to the system
  • iv. Attachment to be in full with nothing blocked or cut off
  • v. Signed by the owner

5. Acceptable Proof of Address

Must be clear, legible and in full with no information blanked out, within 3 months at time of transaction, in the customer's names, and must actually have an address on it.

a. Utility Bills

  • i. Land line telephone bill
  • ii. Gas bill
  • iii. Electricity bill
  • iv. Water bill
  • v. Council tax bill

b. UK or European equivalent Local Authority issued documents

  • i. Income support
  • ii. Job seekers' allowance
  • iii. Pension credits
  • iv. Current Council rent book
  • v. Rent card or Tenancy Agreement

c. Financial Statements

  • i. Bank statement
  • ii. Mortgage statement
  • iii. Building society statement

6. Unacceptable Proofs of address

  • a. Mobile phone bills
  • b. Utility companies payment notices
  • c. Eviction notices
  • d. Payslips
  • e. Correspondence letters

7. Acceptable Source of Funds

  • a. Pay slips within 3 months
  • b. P60 or European equivalent
  • c. Loan approval documents and proof of transfer of funds
  • d. If insurance settlements - Full details
  • e. Lottery wins - Supported by proof of payment
  • f. Savings - Bank statements
  • g. House sale - Completion statement
  • h. Sales agreement - From sale of personal possessions